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Have you ever thought to yourself, "I want to rent or lease my property." Now you can with ease! Start making SERIOUS DOLLARS by leasing your property! You keep 95% of your leasing fee with ZERO additional processing or bank fees! Your money goes into your PayPal account instantly! Whether you own raw land for hunting or fishing, a boat slip you want to lease for the weekend, camping spots or even parking in front of your house, we have you covered! We handle all the booking and advertising for you. All you have to do is get paid! If you have any questions, click here to use the Live Chat Feature or call 972-662-8985

Global Day Leasing LLC, will handle ALL of the promotion & bookings for your properties.  With our one of a kind property outline and  slot reservation system, users can reserve the actual spot on the field they wish to hunt. No more wandering around in the dark hoping not to walk up on another hunter. With this technology, the user sees his reserved slot on the map as well as his location. You, as a land owner, can see all of the users on your property at once in real time with our groundbreaking mobile app!

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If the hunting is good, most unattended properties will get hunted with or without your permission. With our reservations system, you will know exactly who is supposed to be on your property and their location. We also coordinate with the local police and Texas Game Warden which significantly reduces trespassing & poaching leading to the destruction of your crops and overall property.

The maiden company, Dove Blasters LLC, was founded in 2009. Dove Blasters revolutionized the hunting industry with our text reservation system in 2012.  This technology allowed hunters to make a reservation on a field by simply texting the desired field number to our database. When the field filled up, no more booking were allowed on that field that day. However, this system did not reserve an exact location. It was first come first serve.

Well here we are in 2019 and we have perfected that same theory by letting hunters reserve the EXACT location on the field they want to hunt on any specified day. No more wondering where to go opening day in the dark… no more stumbling upon hunters in unknown territory… no more controversy on who has the right of way.

With our technology, you know exactly where to go on the property. Think of it as reserving your very own seat in a movie theater.

Did we stop there? NO WAY! We have even developed a way for land owners to view the hunters on their property and communicate with them in real time!

Day Leasing is the ONLY company using this technology. How do we know? Because we created it!


David Gray
President, CEO & Head Honcho
Dove Blasters, LLC
Global Day Leasing, LLC